ClimaCab Keyed Cam and Turnbuckle Lock

Add some security to your ClimaCab by utilizing our three-part locking systems designed for Petite+ size and larger.

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All ClimaCabs that utilize two doors, which are Petite+ size and larger, require this locking system. This system is comprised of several components which make it work properly.


As the left door is closed the wood turnbuckles, located on the inside of the ClimaCab, must be twisted 90 degrees to lock the left door to the face frame of the ClimaCab. The keyed cam lock is located on the exterior of the right door, which locks the right door to the left door.


Currently this lock is only available in a brushed nickel finish. If others colors come available, we will update this product listing accordingly.


Keep you instruments secured inside and unwanted hands off of them

Peace of Mind

Leave home knowing that , 24/7 your ClimaCab is locked

Quickly Unlock/Lock

All it takes is the twist of two wood blocks and the turn of a key