Cherry | TotalStand

Cherry, Prunus Serotina
The heartwood of cherry varies from rich red to reddish brown and will darken with age and exposure to light. Cherry wood has a fine uniform, straight grain satiny smooth texture and may naturally contain brown pith flecks and small gum pockets.

  • On the surface the TotalStand is simply a beautiful guitar stand, but at its roots it’s so much more! When’s the last time your guitar stand held your IPad for you while you tuned up? How may pedals can you wire into your music stand? Did you say your expensive wooden guitar stand only holds one guitar

    The TotalStand brings it all. If you use it as a simple guitar stand it looks incredible, but if you use some or all of its features you’ll quickly realize the TotalStand is a tool you can’t live without! Our patent pending design makes it the most stable stand on the market and our crafty innovations make it the most versatile!

  • The TotalStand is a patent pending open air guitar stand that combines the beauty of a hand made all hardwood design with unsurpassed functionality. The sophisticated lines of the TotalStand allow it to fit incredibly well into any room, but the design holds more than just beauty.

    The TotalStand is also the worlds most stable double guitar stand. Our innovative design makes it possible for the TotalStand to accommodate two guitars without sacrificing stability. Thats right, with the TotalStand, you get 2 for 1, because our stand is just as beautiful when holding two guitars as it is when it holds one! Go ahead, double your guitar collection, because the TotalStand will let you keep the same footprint..your spouse will never notice you have twice as many guitars!

    Functionality bonus! The TotalStand isn't just a beautiful guitar stand or the worlds most stable double guitar stand, its also the most functional. The TotalStand has these features hidden up its sleeve:

    • Functional Pedal Board: The base of the TotalStand is a real live functional pedal board!
    • Ipad/Sheet Music Holder: Every TotalStand comes standard with an attachable sheet music holder..a few twists of a bold and your TotalStand transforms into a hand made wooden music stand..without sacrificing any of the other features!
    • Microphone Attachment: This one is under development, but we are currently developing an attachment that will turn the TotalStand into a microphone stand too! Of course you will keep all of the functionality of all of the other features!

    Admit it, you're amazed. You've never seen anything like the TotalStand before..imagine a how much space 2 guitar stands, a music stand, a pedal board, and a microphone stand take up! Now you can have all 5 pieces wrapped up into one beautifully constructed TotalStand...get yours today!

    • Shipping and Fulfillment
      • Flat Rate Shipping of $20 to the lower 48 states. If you live outside of this area you can still purchase the stand and check out. We will contact you with a custom shipping quote shortly.
      • We have a big batch of TotalStands ready to go, but we are still packing them up. Order your stand today and it will ship next week! Once we get caught up we will start shipping "next day"

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