Effects Rack Cabinet


The Effects Rack Cabinet blends traditional cabinet design and woodworking with technology used in music playing and recording into a product that musician's can find equally useful and tasteful.

 Our design utilizes the same cabinetry paneling found on our ClimaCabs along the sides and doors to allow for the natural movement of wood.  This panel is called the Mission or Shaker panel and is common in modern/contemporary furniture.  The interior of the Effects Rack Cabinet features functional pull out shelves, a pull out drawer, fixed unit rack, a pull out storage cubby, built-in LED lighting.  All pull out components are customizable and feature soft close slides.


  • Mission panels

  • Dual door opening

  • Greenwich Collection pulls

  • Pull out components on Blum soft close slides

    • Three pull out shelves sized for clearance for common effects pedals

    • One pull out, open top drawer to store larger music related gear such as books, tambourines, harmonicas, small cables, and microphones

    • One tall pull out storage cubby designed to store folded up microphone stands, 1/4" cables, straps, and other longer items from three integrated hooks or resting from the floor of the cubby.  

  • Rack unit securely mounted in the center of the cabinet

    • Powder coated black steel

    • Opening between rack brackets measures 19“ width and 15” depth

    • Common rack unit audio/visual equipment can be bolted into the rack unit. Examples include

      • Amps: guitar preamps and power amps specifically designed for installation into 19” racks.
      • Effects: multi-effects processors or dedicated effects processors (like delay or reverb units).
      • Accessories: pedal loopers (for controlling your stomp boxes), tuners, wireless receivers, cooling fans, power conditioners, rack shelves, and more.