ProHang System for Grand ClimaCab

The Top Rail Display Option product listing describes a core component of the ProHang Display Option, which is the a combination of the top rail and hardwood slat wall.  By adding the slat wall, additional storage space on the back wall of the ClimaCab is achieved and the natural beauty of a range of hardwoods is achievable.


The standard components of the ProHang Display Option are described in more detail below.  These components have been tested and perform flawlessly to hang your instruments from both the ceiling and the back wall of the ClimaCab.  The first components listed are for the Top Rail Display Option followed by a description of the slat wall.

NOTE:  If you elect to implement the Accent Woods option, found by clicking here, the hardwood angled blocks and the slat wall will be made from the accent wood species selected.

100% Hardwood Rail
  • Two pieces of hardwood running the full horizontal length of the ceiling of the ClimaCab comprise the "rail"

  • Rail is cut with opposing angles to the hardwood blocks, which slide along the rail and use gravity to keep in place

  • Secured with screws from the top of the ClimaCab

  • Finished with a matching wood plug on top of ClimaCab that is hand sanded flush prior to finishing

  • Provides exceptional strength and is the foundation for supporting the instruments hung from it

  • Right side of the ceiling an opening provides the ability to add or remove the blocks from the rail

  • Customize the number of instruments stored in the ClimaCab as collections change

  • NOTE:  Due to installation prior to staining and catalyzed lacquer application, the rail is not available as an Accent Wood location

100% Hardwood Blocks
  • Cut with an opposing angle to the hardwood rail

  • String Swing Display Case hangers mounted to underside of block

  • Provides exceptional strength while allowing the blocks to slide along the rail

  • Each ClimaCab size comes with a standard number of blocks based on the maximum number of instruments each size supports

  • Additional blocks (with String Swing hangers attached) are available for purchase if additional hanging capacity is desired

String Swing Display Case Hangers
  • Safe for a multitude of finishes

  • Mounted to underside of hardwood block with screws

  • Pivotable 180 degrees allowing for endless display configurations

  • Lock into any angle easily with thumb screw

  • Yoke is adjustable inwards or outwards with gentle hand pressure to accommodate a variety of headstocks from slim to wide

  • Adequate distance from yoke to block for longer headstocks and from yoke to floor of ClimaCab for longer scale instruments

Hardwood Slat Wall
  • 1/2" solid hardwood is shaped, hand sanded, and secured to the back of the ClimaCab from the back for a clean and professional installation

  • Industry leading String Swing slat wall hangers

    • A lip on the upper edge slides into the gap between pieces of slat and anchors in once positioned correctly

    • Commonly used in guitar shops worldwide

    • Available in a variety of sizes and for many instrument types