Inlay Options

Aulson Inlay ( has teamed up with Acoustic Remedy to make your customized inlay vision come to life on any of our products.

To date, we've concentrated on inlaying the door only of ClimaStands.  In the near future, we will explore options for inlay on the ClimaCabs as well as various locations on either of these two product lines.

The typical process is for you to give us an approximate budget, any design ideas, color schemes, or other personalization you desire, and what wood type and product that you'd like inlayed.  From there, we will contact Aulson and begin the dialogue.  Typically, the two side pieces of the door frame range from $350-$750 depending on materials and size.  All four sides (top, bottom, and both sides) of the door frame range from $500-$1000.  Therefore, pricing on this option begins at $250 and is considered a down payment to begin work on your inlay design.  Final pricing will be determined after consulting with Aulson and calculating additional costs to ship pieces to them for inlaying.

Contact us to learn more and we can walk you through the entire process from start to finish to create a one-of-a-kind look for your Acoustic Remedy artisan music accessory.