Lower Section LED Light Bar

We provide one or two 30-LED lights for the lower section of ClimaCabs.   Micro and Petite size ClimaCabs come standard with one light and Petite+ and larger come with two lights.  This product listing allows for purchasing additional lighting, which may be necessary to provide more light, for use in drawers and trays, or for the underside of shelving to eliminate dim areas where the provided lighting cannot illuminate.

All lower section lights attach to the ceiling of the lower section with magnets on the backside of the light and metal discs screwed to the wood surface.  Insertion and removal is simple and quick.

The lights can be set to On, Off, or Motion Activated, are USB rechargeable, and measure 7.8" in length.  They are constructed from robust aluminum alloy with a sleek profile that acts as a heat sink.  The 350 Lumen light is available as warm or cool, with our standard being warm if matching is important.  The light cast is non-ghosting/flickering.

We recommend using in the Motion Activated mode so that when the door(s) are opened the light comes on and they greatly enhance the usability of the lower section. 

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