Powered LED Light Strip


The Eco Series is the foundation of LED strip lighting, established as the industry standard for linear ambient and accent lighting. Manufactured with dependable 3528 LED chips for efficient lighting performance along with trusted quality.

Eco LED strip lighting brings your case and guitar to life.  This upgrade is available for any ClimaStand type (i.e. guitar, ukulele, violin, mandolin, etc.) and comes standard with ClimaCabs.

The light strip is mounted just behind the wood strip that the neoprene gasket is mounted to.  It's installed with included 3M adhesive backing which holds the strip in place.  At 8mm width, once installation is complete the strip is virtually unnoticeable from any angle and looks professional, compact, and made for our ClimaStands.


  • Eco LED strip light, warm white spectrum (3000k)
  • Dependable, industry-standard 3528 SMD LEDs
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80+, which is considered excellent on the index scale and ensures vibrant, natural-looking color tones
  • 268 Lumens/ft
  • CE certified and UL listed
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Beam angle of 120 degrees which casts a spread out light across your guitar and the interior of the ClimaStand
  • Estimated lifetime of 50,000+ hrs
  • Dimmable from 10% - 100%
  • Strip width measures 8mm

Included Accessories:

  • 18V power supply
  • Remote sensor
  • Remote control with dimmable 
Pricing includes professional installation and when it arrives you are ready to plug and play!