Right Side Adjustable Shelving

This shelving system utilizes holes drilled into an interior support board and the exterior of the lower section to accept a metal shelf support.  These supports provide a secure platform to place the 3/4" plywood shelf anywhere within the right side of the lower section.  

The shelf has a veneered hardwood outer edge that conceals the plies and provides a nice aesthetic appeal.  This option includes two shelves, with the option to add an additional shelves for $75 each.

In 17" lower sections, we will install a board running front to back and fastened to the right side of the humidifier hardwood box.  Note:  we recommend combining the right side adjustable shelving with left side adjustable shelving because if an identical board is installed on the left side, a cubby is created at the floor of the lower section measuring approximately 10" wide.

For customized and expanded lower sections, we can configure according to the width of the ClimaCab and based on other storage enhancements which will impact the placement of the board running front to back.  

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