String Swing - Guitar Keeper Yoke

Although the traditional hanger we use is perfectly secure, this deep cradle design can be purchased to provide that extra layer of security.  This design from String Swing prevents the guitar from being improperly placed into the hanger. This ultimately provides a safer hanger for your instrument, as the guitar needs to be lifted 2 inches and brought forward to be removed.

Combine this with the keeper rings, which slide over the end of the yoke, and you have the ultimate security in a hanger available on the market.  Keeper rings can be added to your cart by clicking here.

The "Guitar Keeper" design is great for guitars with single or uneven heels, such as Fender style headstocks.  The pivoting yoke allows for Bass, Electric and Acoustic guitar headstocks to be cradled perfectly while still hanging straight.

  • 2" threaded bolt with a 1-1/2" spacer

  • Yoke can be adjusted in and out by gentle hand pressure to accommodate thinner headstocks

  • Yoke pivots to cradle instrument's headstock

  • Finish safe, proven rubber coating protects the neck of your guitar



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