Total Display Option for Petite+ ClimaCab

The Total Display Option includes components of the ProHang Display Option, which is String Swing hangers from the top rail and hardwood slat wall, and the Neck & Bout Rest Display Option.  


The ProHang display option is the Top Rail with the addition of hardwood slat wall installed on the back wall of the ClimaCab, providing additional storage for up to two instruments. In addition, the slat wall has a profound affect on the aesthetic properties as it can be made from a variety of domestic or exotic wood species. The slat wall provides a functional and striking backdrop capable of complementing and/or contrasting the instruments.

The Neck & Bout Rest display option features sets of bout rails and neck rests, both lined in cork material. Our innovative use of neodymium magnets allows for maximum versatility, by making the bout rails and the neck rests movable. This results in compatibility for instruments of various sizes and a wide range of display possibilities. We also include our cross support bars which allow for front facing an instrument across the entire cabinet.