Amp Cabinets and Stands

Amp Cabinet

The Amp Cabinet is a stylish and functional way to store your amplifier.  Pull it out to play and return to its safe storage location inside the cabinet. 

This version shows a Flip In door, which includes specialty hinges and slides to tuck the door above the amp when open and inside the face framing when closed.  In addition to this option, we can use Blum soft close hinges and hinge either left or right. For amps that may be extremely susceptible to high or low humidity or are near the ocean where salt in the air may speed up corrosion of critical components, we can implement our Guaranteed Seal System to incorporate gasket around the entire opening and a set of latches to pull the door shut.  By creating an airtight environment to protect the amp from undesirable conditions, you're ensuring longevity and protecting your investment.


  • Amish made in small artisan batches
  • Choose from either a Flip In or a traditional cabinet door hinged either left or right side
  • Traditional door can utilize either Blum soft close hinges or a piano hinge to utilize our Guaranteed Seal System
  • 1/8" double strength glass
  • Roll out shelf with Blum soft close glides
  • Mission or raised panel sides
  • Adjustable cabinet feet
  • Standard hardwood or live edge top (depending on availability)


  • Interior LED lighting
  • UV Blocking/Safety Glass
  • Implement Guaranteed Seal System including Boveda Two Way Humidification Packets to achieve 50% humidity in the cabinet
  • Different wood species in back of cabinet or for roll out shelf

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