Amp Cabinets and Stands

We've taken the leap into the world of amp cabinets and stands.  These cabinets and stands are created with the care and attention to detail as any other product leaving the shop.  They were based on specific amplifiers owned by our customers, of which we have good measurements on to scale accordingly for practically any amplifier in the world.


  • Paneled sides allow for natural expansion and contraction of wood
  • Live edge, inset, and overlapping tops allow for varying profiles
  • Half-blind dovetailed drawers
  • Pull out trays
  • LED lighting
  • UV Blocking/Safety Glass

Built to Order

We do not carry inventory of these products currently.  This is by design so that we can create stands and cabinets based on your needs.  Due to the variability of product design and features incorporated, the pricing shown is a very sound estimate on what items will cost; however, each will be priced as they are built.  We will require a 50% down payment based on our estimates and will communicate additional costs along the way.