ClimaCase & ClimaStand Security


If added security for your instrument is a high priority, you've come to the right spot.  We have options ranging from small padlocks which go through the top latch, to keyed cam locks that can be keyed similar for up to ten separate keys, to StealthLocks that are operated with a digital keypad.  

In addition, UV Blocking/Safety Glass adds an additional layer of security for people, the wood in the humidor, and for the instruments contained within.  It's more durable than the 1/8" double strength glass because of the layer that blocks the UV rays doubles to keep the glass in tact if impacted.  Would be thieves will have a difficult time getting past the glass when it's combined with a locking mechanism.  


  • All keyed cam locks include professional installation and have a variety of finishes to choose from
  • The luggage type locks come in two different finishes and either keyed or combination style operation
  • StealthLocks come with the digital pad to lock/unlock the ClimaCase or ClimaStand