Santa Cruz Exclusive Offer






Hello on behalf of the folks at Acoustic Remedy Cases.  We are thrilled to be featured on Santa Cruz Guitar Company's website, in their newsletters, and included in the documents that ship with each of their guitars.  

If you own a SCGC guitar, you've invested in an instrument that's handmade and an heirloom treasure.  Their motto is Handmade.  Handed Down.  By keeping it protected and displayed in an Acoustic Remedy case, you will insure the humidity surrounding your guitar(s) is the same as in their shop (around 40-50%) while being able to show off the wonderful handmade qualities of their instruments.  The production of our cases and our philosophies align nicely with SCGC, including:  we have a small scale production team - one Amish builder handcrafts each and every case that leaves our shop, we utilize only sustainably harvested exotic and domestic wood species, and we enjoy creating custom items for our customers.  If you have something in mind that isn't on our site, we will work with you to achieve the exact case you have in mind.

We ship a starter set of Planet Waves Humidipaks to humidify our cases and this patented technology brings you the world's easiest way to protect your masterpiece and hand it down for generations to come.

Please take some time to check out a few photos below, have a look around our site by clicking the link below, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.  We work one-on-one with each customer to provide a wonderful buying experience.  Also, please note that the coupon code SCGC2014 must be entered at the end of the checkout process for the $100 discount to apply.




 ARC Team meeting Richard Hoover at SCGC shop.  

Shown is an African Mahogany Floor Model w/ a SCGC OM Grand.


Our ad featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Guitar Aficionado, and Fretboard Journal.

Santa Cruz Vintage Southerner featured in a Flamed Maple Floor Model.