Europe and Beyond... December 16 2014, 0 Comments

We've had the honor of having customers in several other countries other than the good ole US of A.  To date we have cases in four Canadian provinces, Sweden, Norway, England, Singapore, and Australia.  Our latest country we've added to the list is Japan. 

Sometime around the middle of last summer I received a phone call from a man named Mr. Takeshi (aka Kesh) and we chatted for around 1/2 hour about several interesting things in the guitar world, which is of course vast and extremely interesting.  We discussed some of the people we had the pleasure of knowing in the business, including some folks at Elderly Instruments and Richard Hoover from Santa Cruz Guitar Company.  It was a great conversation and then we got to discussing our cases and how he saw a good fit for them in Japan.  One thing I didn't really consider was that Japan experienced some of the same fluctuations in temperature as we do in the upper midwest - bone dry winters and humid summers.  And another thing that hadn't really crossed my radar was that there are a lot of collectors of high end instruments in Japan, many of which are customers of Kesh and the two guitar stores he works closely with.

Blu-G Guitar Shop and Hobo's Guitars ( and are selling some of the highest end instruments in the far East.  I don't understand the Japanese language at all, but I still enjoy looking their websites and marveling at the rare and unique guitars they are selling.  

We couldn't be happier to be affiliated with the upper echelon of guitar shops in Japan and working with some of the nicest people in the industry.  We've sent a grand total of eight cases so far to them, some of which were featured in a guitar show in Osaka (photos below) and others which are now in the homes of some Japanese folks who've trusted our cases to display and protect their fine instruments.  We couldn't be prouder to know that somewhere over 6,000 miles from the Amish workshop they are made in, our cases are integrated into the everyday life of people we will never meet and who live vastly different lifestyles.  The common thread is that people all across the globe love music and can appreciate handmade, quality made items.  It's somewhat mind blowing and certainly was the farthest thing from our mind when we started this company!  Thanks to Kesh and both these fine shops!!







Hope you enjoy reading this blog and if you happen to live in another country that you think our cases would fit into a shop near you, please let them know about Acoustic Remedy Cases.  And if you ever find yourself in Japan and want to check out some guitar shops, please stop at either Blue-G or Hobos and tell them how you heard about them and send us a picture with one of our cases in their store(s).  We will gladly post it in our gallery.

~ Adam