Earth Day 2022

April 22, 2022

Earth Day 2022

Happy Earth Day 2022 fellow citizens of our amazing planet!  We've been celebrating sustainability at Acoustic Remedy for quite some time and have recently added some exciting new programs into the mix. 

The music industry has always been on the forefront of considering the planet and reducing their collective footprint when manufacturing products.  All one has to do is look towards what companies like Santa Cruz Guitar Company, whom we have a long affiliation with, to see what people like Richard Hoover consider to be one of the most critical aspects of protecting our planet for future generations - using sustainably harvested woods and salvaging when possible.  Examples include reclaiming woods from churches, tables, etc. to create some of the finest guitars on earth.  Another example is Taylor Guitars and what they're up to Africa for Ebony and the USA for Urban Ash.


We have always sourced our lumber sustainably, often times from lumber mills within western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota. We have also purchased a majority of our exotic species from a supplier in Pennsylvania who responsibly sources some of the best woods in the world from small lumber mills throughout South America and Africa.  We have a supplier in Hawaii who provides us with Koa, Curly Mango, Australian Cedar, Raintree, Monkeypod and other native species from land owners across the islands.  They specialize in sourcing only wind fallen trees to ensure that living trees are not cut down.  This helps clear the land for new trees to grow and salvages lumber that would've gone to waste.

Also, check out our previous blog (by clicking the photo below) about Old Globe Wood that is salvaged from a grain elevator in Superior, WI.  This wood is over three hundred years old and we have access to several million board feet to keep creating amazing humidors and other accessory products from this wood.  

Local Suppliers

Our neighbors just down the road, String Swing, provide us with every hanger we use in our single instrument humidors and also the hangers for our ProHang display/storage option in our multi-instrument humidors.  Often times our builder will venture over to pay a visit to his father, whom has been making wood blocks and other products for String Swing for many years, and our order is sitting there waiting for him to pick up.  We work with local packaging specialists in the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota to keep the journey of this material minimized from their shop to ours.

Of course, one of the longest standing items is the production and assembly process at Hickory Ridge Woodworking.  The entire facility is off the grid and uses zero electricity or natural gas.  All machinery is run off diesel engines and the shops are heated with wood stoves. 

One Tree Planted

To offset the CO2 emissions from the engines at Hickory Ridge Woodworking and our vehicles traveling from our homes to the shop, we are actively involved in planting trees across the globe and locally in our area.  Our local projects include sourcing small saplings from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and planting them on select Amish properties.  For the larger scale projects, we accomplish this by being involved in One Tree Planted, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Vermont that is actively involved in planting trees in various regions across the planet.  They operate based on donations from companies like Acoustic Remedy.  We donate a certain portion of the proceeds from our sales to One Tree Planted, who pools the donations and works with partners to grow saplings.  Teams plant the trees in the rainy season, monitor their growth, and report the impact.

In addition, as an Acoustic Remedy customer, you're able to choose to donate $1 at checkout to plant a tree.  If you elect to participate, we match your donation.  This app is integrated directly into our website and we're thrilled to offer this to our customers. 

Plan on seeing some more information, reports, and amazing photos about this incredible partnership between Acoustic Remedy and this amazing non-profit.


Speaking of One Tree Planted, we learned about them from FreightClub.  We've been using FreightClub for about six months at the time of this blog post and they have been working with One Tree Planted for about eighteen months.  We're proud to know that the CO2 generated for every shipment of freight leaving our shop is offset by this affiliation.

To date, they've planted approximately 20,000 trees in the United States! 

Package Reuse

Our aforementioned packaging is critical to us getting your single instrument humidors to you safely.  We have established a program to have our customers send them back to us free of charge so we can reuse them for a later shipment.  This process keeps the packaging out of the landfill and additional packaging from needing to be produced.  A win all around and we're excited by the participation by our customers since the launch of this program.


We are looking to take our journey even further in 2022 and beyond.  More reclaimed species will be making their way into the shop and we'll continue to use the suppliers we've already used to produce amazing music accessory products and give these trees a second life.  In addition, we are looking into solar panels and wind turbines at the shop to power our small photography booth lighting and small electronic devices used by Acoustic Remedy on nearly a daily basis.  Stay tuned for more information and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter, where we will be showcasing this information to our Inner Circle.

~Adam Jacobson, Co-Founder

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