Cases of all different sizes! October 21 2013, 0 Comments

We're often asked if we can make cases for instruments other than guitars and the answer is YES, we've made cases for mando's, ukes, violins, and even cello's.  We actually have a stack of mandolin/uke cases in the shop that are getting ready to be photographed and rolled out as a product line.  So far our bread and butter has been guitar cases so that is where most of our energy has been focused but as we grow we intend to add more product lines.  It takes a bit more time and effort than you would think to photograph a new line and get it up on the site, so if you have an instrument that you want a case for that doesn't fit into a guitar case let us know and we will make it for you...or we might already have some in stock but are just working on getting them up on the site.


Ryan and Adam