ClimaCab | Bout & Neck Rest Storage System

Neck & Bout Rest System for Grand ClimaCab

The Neck & Bout Rest display/storage option is one of our most popular ways to display and store instruments within our ClimaCab. By resting the instruments on the Bout Rails and leaning the necks into the neck wedges, the instruments are safely stored in the ClimaCab.  Removal of the instruments is quick and easy, with very little risk of bumping them into one another.

The innovative features allow for superior safety, endless configurations and options of how instruments can be stored, and a wonderful user experience.

Two-Tone Appearance

Incorporating more than one wood species into a ClimaCab is a popular option that creates a unique, two-tone appearance. By selecting the wood species, which will be incorporated into the components of this display/storage option, the customization of the ClimaCab appearance is extremely easy and can subtly change how it appears.

For example, if the ClimaCab is made from Flame Maple and the wood chosen for the Neck & Bout Rest display/storage option is Wenge, the appearance will be predominantly the cream color of the Flame Maple with the blacks and browns found in Wenge for the components of the display/storage option providing a subtle accent.  This is best illustrated in photos and videos, examples of which can be found in various locations on our website (linked) and the Standard Components section for this product listing. 

ClimaCab Buyer's Guides

Visit our ClimaCab Buyer's Guides page for additional documents that can assist you with understanding the variety of choices available when purchasing a ClimaCab.  

Standard Components

The core components of Neck & Bout Rest display/storage option include the bout rails, neck rail, and neck wedges to properly rest the instruments.  


Two sets of rails make up the bout rest portion of this display/storage option - the front to back rails and the left to right rails.  These sets work in coordination with one another to give maximum flexibility in displaying your instruments.  Each set is described in more detail below.

  • Front to Back Rails
    • 1" wide rails running from front to back on the floor of the ClimaCab 

    • Permanently affixed to the floor, each rail has a routed out section on the top that has a black powder coated metal bar attached with countersunk black flathead screws

    • Powder coated bar attracts the high strength neodymium magnets on the underside of the Left to Right Rails

  • Left to Right Rails
    • 2 1/2" hardwood rails running left to right inside the ClimaCab 

    • Provides adequate height above floor for clearance of strap pins

    • Instrument bouts rest on cork lined surface providing superior protection for the finish

    • Moveable in/out along Front to Back Rails

    • 15 degree angle on the face of the rails cradle the instrument bout and provides adequate surface area for proper support

    • Two neodymium magnets, one on each end, on the underside of the rails secure the them in place at the desired location along Front to Back Rails

    • Accommodates different sized instrument bouts from small to jumbo


  • Neck Wedge Rail
    • 100% hardwood rail mounted to back of ClimaCab

    • Powder coated metal bar is inset into routed out portion of rail

    • Neck wedges have embedded neodymium magnet on backside which attracts to the metal bar, providing the ability to add, remove, and slide them along rail

  • Neck Wedges
    • Cork lined for ultimate care of the instrument finish

    • U-shaped design is slightly narrowed at entry point and expands to a 2 1/4" circle providing adequate room for larger neck shapes

    • Instrument rests into wedge about four inches from headstock along the back of the neck, eliminating close proximity to headstock

    • Fits a wide variety of neck sizes and shapes

    • Angle of lean provided by the bout rails means the instrument neck enters the neck wedge with enough decline to provide adequate safety from instruments tipping out of wedges

    • Anti-tip security bars magnetically attract to two neodymium magnets at the "horns" of the wedge.  The interior of the bar has cork to prevent metal from contacting the neck of the instrument

How to Use Display/Storage Option

Adjusting Bout Rails

  • To move the rail, first remove all instruments and place in temporary safe location

  • Place hands on rail spaced approximately two feet apart

  • Pull gently on the Left to Right Rail with a slight upward motion and magnets will release

  • Move the Left to Right Rail to an alternate location along Front to Back Rails

  • Repeat with other Left to Right Rails as necessary*

  • Replace instruments into bout rails and angle the neck backwards to lean into the neck wedge.  Store guitars at 0 to 90 degrees and all angles in between by utilizing the cross support bars.  See below for more information on the front facing option.

Adding, Moving, and Removing Neck Wedges

  • To remove the wedges, pull slightly in outward motion and the magnets will release allowing for complete removal.  Store the neck wedge in the lower section storage compartment for later use

  • To move the wedges, slide gently to the left or right or remove the wedge completely and insert at alternate location

Front Facing Option

  • Underneath the cork lined surface of the Left to Right Rails, there is a hidden powder coated metal bar routed in and flush with the wood surface. 

  • 9 1/2" long cross support bars are cork lined and have embedded neodymium magnets on the underside

  • Place a set of cross support bars perpendicular to the Left to Right Rails spaced properly for the instrument's lower bout

  • Remove them quickly and easily to revert back to the standard use 

  • Each ClimaCab comes with a varying amount of cross support pieces and additional are available for purchase


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