ClimaCab | Bout & Neck Rest Storage System

Split Neck & Bout Rest Split System for Grand ClimaCab, Right Side


The Top Rail / Neck & Bout Rest Split display/storage option combines two of our most popular options in one ClimaCab, with each occupying half of the interior.  This listing is to add the neck and bout system to the right side of the cabinet.

Two-Tone Appearance

Incorporating more than one wood species into a ClimaCab is a popular option that creates a unique, two-tone appearance. By selecting the wood species, which will be incorporated into the components of this display/storage option, the customization of the ClimaCab appearance is extremely easy and can subtly change how it appears.

For example, if the ClimaCab is made from Flame Maple and the wood chosen for the Top Rail / Neck & Bout Rest Split display/storage option is Wenge, the appearance will be predominantly the cream color of the Flame Maple with the blacks and browns found in Wenge for the components of the display/storage option providing a subtle accent.  This is best illustrated in photos and videos, examples of which can be found in various locations on our website (linked) and the Standard Components section for this product listing. 

ClimaCab Buyer's Guides

Visit our ClimaCab Buyer's Guides page for additional documents that can assist you with understanding the variety of choices available when purchasing a ClimaCab.  

Standard Components

The core components of Top Rail / Neck & Bout Rest Split display/storage option include the bout rails, neck rail, and neck wedges to properly rest the instruments and the top rail, String Swing display case hangers, and hardwood blocks.


  • To learn more about the components of the Top Rail display/storage option, please click Learn More button below
  • Four to ten String Swing top rail hangers* with pivotable yokes and attached to hardwood blocks made from the wood chosen

  • Hardwood top rail mounted to half of the ceiling and made from the wood chosen


  • To learn more about the components of the Top Rail display/storage option, please click Learn More button below
  • Neck wedge rail mounted to the back on the other half of the ClimaCab
  • Four to ten cork lined neck wedges* complete with neodymium magnets on the backside to magnetically lock into neck wedge rail 

  • Two cork lined bout rest rails which are moveable from front to back in the ClimaCab to accommodate for various lower bout sizes of instruments

  • Two to four cross support bars to front face instruments

*depends on the width of ClimaCab.  Click here for our standard number of hangers and neck wedges based on ClimaCab size

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