Climate Controlled Humidors

Welcome to the first step in discovering the world's simplest climate control for your stringed instruments.

We offer three product lines, with multiple variations of each, of our climate controlled cases, stands, and cabinets. Each product line can be accessed individually by clicking the circle below, from our main menu, or by browsing the collection on this page.  Please note that all ClimaCases can be turned into ClimaStands and vice versa. 

All three product types offer you the latest in humidification, temperature control, and display of your stringed instruments.  Although primarily designed around guitars, all wooden instruments require proper climate control to function properly.  Acoustic Remedy has a patented technology to create a micro-climate inside the case, stand, or cabinet by utilizing a highly durable neoprene gasket and a mechanism to pull the door tight to the doors.  This mechanism varies across our product lines but accomplishes the extremely important task of isolating the instrument(s) from interior home air. Once the micro-climate has been established, you can then easily control the temperature and most importantly the humidity, which is relative to the temperature.

We invite you to learn more about how we can preserve, protect, and display your special one or your entire collection.