ARC Inner Circle Sign Up

November 30, 2019

ARC Inner Circle Sign Up

First Things First:

We have been horrible with updating our customers with all the cool things going on at Acoustic Remedy.  It's embarrassing, but stubborn we are and on we forge!

The purpose of this blog post is to provide you with information about signing up for the Acoustic Remedy Inner Circle and what you can expect if you decide to sign up.

From Here Moving On:

We've added a simpler way to sign up for the Acoustic Remedy Inner Circle.  In addition to simplifying the process, how does a 5% off coupon code sound just for signing up? 

Whether this is your first time discovering Acoustic Remedy or you are a faithful repeat customer, the code you receive upon sign up is good for 5% off any of our innovative products.

Fun fact - since inception in 2008, nearly 50% of our annual sales are from repeat customers.  We have many, many customers who have been buying a ClimaStand, ClimaCab, or open air stand from us every time they buy a new guitar!  We have some customers who've bought from us over 20+ times!  

How to Get Signed Up for the ARC Inner Circle 

You can join by either entering your info on the pop up upon visiting the website OR by clicking the upper right corner that says "Get 5%".  Either method will prompt you to enter your first and last name along with your email.  That's all it takes're into the Acoustic Remedy Inner Circle.


What You Get From the ARC Inner Circle 

INNER CIRCLE (in′ner cir′cle, noun): a small, intimate, and often influential group of people. 

At Acoustic Remedy, we have always operated with the two founders and owners as the HEART of the company.  Our most important asset, as a small business, is our customers. Next are those who are interested in what we do but haven't purchased from us yet.  With a small membership, by signing up you're instantly an exclusive member.

Acoustic Remedy will send a variety of newsletters containing information about our products, including newly released or variations of flagship models, exclusive offers, trade shows we are attending near you, interesting custom jobs we've completed, partnerships with other industry companies, photos from our builder's and/or finisher's shop, new projects we've been commissioned to complete, and much, much more!

What You Don't Get From the ARC Inner Circle 

We never distribute an email for any purpose.  We want your attention, so our philosophy is to keep this information to ourselves!  We have all been victims of unsolicited contact from countless questionable "companies" and we have chosen to not participate in such activities.


~ the AR Crew


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