Introducing ClimaCabs

October 19, 2019 3 Comments

Introducing ClimaCabs

The CLIMACAB is Acoustic Remedy's version of a multi-instrument humidified display cabinet made in the same Amish workshop as our extremely popular ClimaStand.

Available in three standard sizes - Petite (36" width x 72" height x 23" depth), Traditional (48" width x 72" height x 23" depth), and Grand (63" width x 72" height x 23" depth) - and custom sizes, the ClimaCab can store anywhere from 3-4 guitars in the Petite, 4-6 in the Traditional, and 6-8 guitars in the Grand.  These numbers can fluctuate depending on whether they are acoustic or electric guitars and if certain storage options are employed.

We've incorporated our patented gasket system into the ClimaCab using either the same latches used on the ClimaStand, used exclusively in the Petite size, or high strength neodymium magnets, used on the Traditional and Grand size. The combination of these two components - the gasket and some mechanism to compress the gasket, creates our trademarked Guaranteed Seal System™. 

By creating an airtight environment in the interior display portion of the ClimaCab, the humidification system can go to work.  The next innovative approach we've brought to the market is the Dual Humidification Process™ which incorporates both a powered/active and non-powered/passive  system to give you peace of mind and zero gaps in humidity control.  

  • Powered/active:  An industry leading, Vigilant Sentry 100 humidifier is housed in the lower storage cabinet in a hermetically sealed wood box. The Sentry 100 provides active humidification by turning the unit on/off compared to the factory set point of 50% relative humidity, which is at the midpoint of ideal relative humidity for stringed instruments (45-55%). A 1-gallon reservoir only provides enough moisture for approximately 8-12 weeks and is easily refilled by lifting the cover plate and pouring more water into the reservoir.  An extremely accurate digital sensor is mounted on the back wall of the ClimaCab and is concealed inside a matching wood box. The capabilities of the Sentry 100 allow for +/- 5% relative humidity.
  • Non-Powered/Passive:  (5) Boveda Cedar Two Packet Holders and (10) 49% Two Way Humidification packets can act as a secondary humidity control for anytime the powered unit is out of water, during power outages, or extended periods of time away from home.  In certain climates, the passive system may be all that's required.  In others it does the job to assist or maintain already achieved perfect humidity levels.

    Although proper humidification is the main purpose of the ClimaCab, a close second would be the ability to proper display your fine instruments.  We have three storage systems available, each with their own innovative approaches.  Acoustic Remedy's options allow for many display configurations.

    Three Storage Options:

    Top Rail Hanging System

    All ClimaCabs come standard with the the Top Rail Hanging System.  This innovative hanging system consists of small blocks of wood, with the String Swing Display Case Hanger mounted to the block, and a matching wood rail.  Each block has opposing angles to the rail allowing secure hanging and the ability to slide left to right along the rail to multiple positions in the ClimaCab.  These String Swing Display Case Hangers can also pivot 180 degrees at the yoke to allow for further configuration options.  For example, you could store 2 guitars front facing, 4 guitars at 45 degree angle, or many more at 90 degree angle.

    Slat Wall System

    An optional upgrade, The Slat Wall System incorporates horizontal strips of various wood types, which we recommend a contrasting wood than the main cabinet wood, that can accept String Swing slat wall hangers.  There are many types of slat wall hangers available from String Swing (4-6 of your choice are included with slat wall upgrade) and others from Hercules (additional cost). 8” Multi-Angle String Swings can pivot 180 degrees at the yoke and at the slat wall. Fixed arm String Swings do not pivot and come with 2" or 4" stems.

    Bout/Neck Rest Storage System 

    The last storage option is the Bout/Neck Rest Storage System that utilizes adjustable bout rails and neck rests.  

    Adjustable Bout Rails

    Two sets of rails are secured in place by high strength neodymium magnets. There are four locations where the magnets are installed on bottom of the cabinet and the underside of the rails.  This allows for moving the rail from front to back in the cabinet to allow for different sized bouts and secures the rail to prevent any slippage.

    All rails are made from 100% hardwood and measure 2” in height with a 15 degree angle to properly contact your guitars on the lower bout.  To move the rail, simply pull slightly in upward motion and the magnets will release allowing you to place in alternate location. Each rail is independent of one another maximizing your storage possibilities.  Guitars can be stored at 45 to 90 degrees and all angles in between.
    Lined with finish safe cork to protect your guitars’ finish.

    Adjustable Neck Rests

    All neck rests slide along a rail mounted to the back of the ClimaCab and secure into multiple locations depending on the size of the instrument.  They are removable or available for purchase if you'd like to add more storage to you ClimaCab in the future.

    Neck Rest Mobility

    Move along the rail and secure in place with either magnets or a pin/hole system. Both are equally secure and available based on your preference. If you elect for the magnet system, the security of neodymium magnets finds a creative application by holding the neck rest in place. If you elect for the pin/hole system, a matching wood dowel is cut precisely to fit through a hole on the rail and in the back of the neck holder.


    Neck Rest Security

    The U-shaped cut out fits every neck from large to small and prevents the guitar from slipping out of the rest by narrowing the entry point slightly. The bout rails keep the angle at which the neck enters the neck rest declined enough to create a secure, safe storage solution for your prized instruments.

    Upgrades and Other Options:

    We've decided to build ClimaCabs as they are ordered, meaning all the product photography we've gotten so far is a result of the positive response of the market since launch in April 2019.  As more variations are built, more photography will be taken and our galleries will grow.

    Exotic Woods:

    With that being said, the wood types shown in the product photography and with a list price on the product listings have tended to be native hardwoods.  We have extensive experience with many exotic hardwoods from building several versions of our ClimaCab from woods such as Waterfall Bubinga, Cocobolo, Purpleheart, Zebrawood, Wenge, African Padauk, Tigerwood, and many others. 

    Glass Options:

    Tempered, safety, and UV glass are available upon request.  The standard option is 1/8" double strength glass.

    Inlay Options:

    We've partnered with Aulson Inlay to allow you to incorporate some of the industry's finest inlays into you ClimaCab.  Shown below are a few examples of what we've done for customers so far.  The cardinals below were a collaborative effort with the customer and Aulson to get the exact version desired.   

    Staining Options:

    We offer the full array of Woodwright stains, which are considered low VOC environmentally friendly stains.  There are certain woods that stain better than others, so we recommend you either consult with Acoustic Remedy or visit this link to use their preview tool.

    Make sure to select the wood type you're interested in on the left side and it will show you various finishes on that species.


    All ClimaCabs come with black powder coated hinges and latches (Petite size only).  You can choose either brushed satin nickel, bronze, supply your own hardware, or go hardware free by choosing our innovative design that incorporates a routed finger pull behind the face frame.  This option is used on every single ClimaStand we ship and is a nice sleek look. 



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    February 28, 2021

    Hello William this is Adam, one of the owners of Acoustic Remedy. The cost can be found by going to the main menu, Our Products, ClimaCab, and selecting Grand from the drop down menu.


    February 28, 2021

    Pricing on the petite

    William Ziegler
    William Ziegler

    March 22, 2020

    What are the options for the grand and cost?

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