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ClimaCab | Traditional

Featuring ClimaControl Technology

The ClimaCab | Traditional is the middle size of our multi-instrument line of humidity controlled display cases. It's designed to allow for maximum versatility in displaying and protecting your fine instruments. Our ClimaCab | Traditional can store up to ten instruments* depending on configuration.

As with all of our products, each are handmade one at a time in small batches. Each has humble beginnings in an Amish workshop nestled on the bluffs above the Mississippi River in western Wisconsin. Traditional woodworking techniques passed down through generations ensure the highest quality construction available.

Just as you've come to expect excellence in your instruments, you can now have the same in your climate controlled ClimaCab | Traditional.

  • All ClimaCabs come standard with ClimaControl Technology™, which is combination of Acoustic Remedy’s patented Guaranteed Seal System™  and innovative Dual Humidification Process™ . Click the Features tab to learn more about this industry leading approach to preservation. 

    In addition, a powered humidifier with digital controller, a fully dimmable, remote controlled LED lighting around entire perimeter of display section, various storage options for lower section, a rail hanging system with eight String Swing pivoting hangers, and a Caliber IV hygrometer to monitor humidity levels.

    Wood Species: Cherry, Black Walnut, Flamed Maple, Plain Maple, Northern White Ash, and Aromatic Cedar round out the standard wood species for this product line.

    **Scroll to the bottom of any tab for starting prices for each species**

    Dual wood combinations, for example Cherry with Black Walnut accents or Flamed Maple with Aromatic Cedar accents, are available. In addition, we offer many domestic and exotic wood species as well as a wide array of customizable options for those looking for truly unique look. Visit the Customizing Options tab for more information.

    * The number of Instruments depends on configuration and instrument types.

  • Dimensions:  48" wide x 23" depth x 72" tall
    Acoustic Remedy's patented Guaranteed Seal System™:  combines a highly durable neoprene gasket and neodymium magnets pull doors tight to gasket to achieve airtight environment
    • Neodymium magnets have a pull force of 11 lbs each per magnet.  Opposing pole magnets are countersunk into the back of the door and along the center bar, top, and bottom of the face frame.
    • The neoprene gasket is mounted along a small strip of wood running the entire perimeter of the face frame of the upper section of the cabinet and inset just enough to be proud of the face frame.  When the magnets attract one another, the door is pulled to the face frame compressing the gasket.
    • Each ClimaCab prior to leaving the shop is tested for air tightness by shining light along the entire gasket.  If no light escapes between the door and the gasket then no air will either.

    Dual Humidification Process™ powered/active and non-powered/passive gives you peace of mind and no gaps in humidity control
    • Powered/active:  An industry leading, Vigilant Guardian 100 humidifier is housed in the lower storage cabinet in a hermetically sealed wood box. The Guardian 100 provides active humidification by turning the unit on/off compared to the factory set point of 50% relative humidity, which is at the midpoint of ideal relative humidity for stringed instruments (45-55%). A 1-gallon reservoir only provides enough moisture for approximately 4-6 weeks and is easily refilled by lifting the cover plate and pouring more water into the reservoir.  An extremely accurate digital sensor is mounted on the back wall of the ClimaCab and is concealed inside a matching wood box. The capabilities of the Guardian 100 allow for +/- 2% relative humidity.
    • Non-Powered/Passive:  (5) Boveda Cedar Two Packet Holders and (10) 49% Two Way Humidification packets can act as a secondary humidity control for anytime the powered unit is out of water, during power outages, or extended periods of time away from home.  In certain climates, the passive system may be all that's required.  In others it does the job to assist or maintain already achieved perfect humidity levels.

    Versatile Hanging/Storage Systems:  multiple storage solutions for your instruments allow for many display configurations
    • All ClimaCabs come standard with the the Top Rail Hanging System.  This innovative hanging system consists of small blocks of wood, with the String Swing Display Case Hanger mounted to the block, and a matching wood rail.  Each ClimaCab comes with six String Swing display case hangers mounted to a block (see photo below).
    • Each block has opposing angles to the rail allowing secure hanging and the ability to slide left to right along the rail to multiple positions in the ClimaCab.  These String Swing Display Case Hangers can also pivot 180 degrees at the yoke to allow for further configuration options.  For example, you could store 2 guitars front facing, 4 guitars at 45 degree angle, or many more at 90 degree angle.
    • In order to add the Slat Wall Hanging System, you must visit the Customizing Options tab to add this option to your cabinet. There are many types of slat wall hangers available from String Swing (six included with slat wall system and additional available for purchase) and Hercules (additional cost).  
    • Our ProHang System combines the both Top Rail and Slat Wall Hanging Systems in one package giving unlimited display configurations.
    • More information on String Swing hangers can be found by visiting our String Swing Products page. Please note: Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Violin, Banjo, Dulcimer, or Bass Guitar yokes are available upon request

    Multiple Bottom Section Options:  choice of storage compartments or drawers.
    • Storage Compartments: Each ClimaCab comes standard with storage compartments underneath the upper humidified display area. Each compartment, one each on left and right, measures approximately 23"D x 23.5"W x 13"H. Based on demand, we’ve recently added the option to increase the height of the storage compartments to conceal hardshell guitar cases. Click on the Customizing Options tab for more information.
    • Drawers: The low profile version is available by request and at no additional cost. Standard options with the low profile version include drawers on the left and right, false drawer fronts, or solid wood across the front. Click on the Customizing Options tab for more information.
    • Optional LED lighting inside storage compartments, shelving, and other personalized options can be added at your preference. Click on the Customizing Options tab for more information.
  • NOTE:  The Customizing Options page is meant to show you what is possible when designing your ClimaCab. We are here to help you through the process and thoroughly enjoy talking over these options with customers. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us by phone or email to discuss your needs. Please email us at or call Adam @ 608-461-2080 or Ryan @ 651-341-9955.
    Panel Options:  we offer two common panel types for your ClimaCab. A more formal/traditional appearance is the Raised Panel. For a more modern/contemporary look, the Mission Panel (aka Shaker Panel) is available.

    +$150 and up for Raised Panel depending on wood species


    Click here to learn more about slat wall and/or add to cart

    Slat Wall Hanging Hanging System:  maximize your storage options by adding slat wall across the entire back or at select heights.

    +$300-$750 and up depending on wood species


    Click here to learn more about slat wall and/or add to cart

    Neck/Bout Rest Storage System:  our innovative approach to the traditional neck/bout rest systems maximizes your options by allowing you to slide the neck rest along a rail and securing with small wood dowel.

    +$300 - $750 and up depending on wood species


    Click here to learn more about neck/bout rest system and/or add to cart

    Low Profile:  the lower section is reduced to only house the humidifier, which is approximately 8-10” in height. Select drawers, false drawer fronts, or solid wood face.

    +$0 - $250 depending on configuration


    Click here to learn more about the low profile option and/or add to cart

    Expanded Lower Storage Compartment:  the lower section is expanded to house standard hardshell guitar cases keeping them out of sight, out of mind. This expansion requires the bottom section to be approximately 20” in height.

    +$250 & up depending on wood species and other factors


    Click here to learn more about the expanded lower storage compartment option and/or add to cart

    Security:  keep your instruments secure with keyed cam lock available in stainless steel or black powder coated.



    Click here to learn more about keyed cam lock and/or add to cart

    UV/Tempered Glass Options:  All ClimaCabs come equipped with high quality 1/8” double-strength glass. Upgrade options to keep your instruments safe from harmful UV rays and provide a safety factor by preventing dangerous glass shards if broken are provided by clicking below.

    +$500 - $700


    Click here to learn more about UV filtering glass/safety glass and/or add to cart

    Stained Glass Options:  Enhance the natural beauty of your instruments and the wood of your ClimaCab by adding exquisite stained glass panels handmade by local artists in Wisconsin.



    Click here to learn more about stained glass and/or add to cart

    Hardware:  choose from either coved finger pull, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed satin nickel, or provide your own hardware.

    +$0 - $Varies


    Click here to learn more about hardware options.

    Additional Wood Species:  we source wood from only sustainable sources and never use illegally harvested wood. All species are listed on based on request and incur additional wait time to procure lumber and process for building.



    Click here for additional domestic and exotic wood species available. Approximate costs, subject to availability and market pricing.

    Wood Combinations & Interior Accent Woods:   this wood can be installed on the entire interior of the ClimaCab or in select locations to accent the primary wood of the cabinet. Accents would include the rail system, slat wall, gasket strip, powered humidifier cover plate & sensor box, wire concealers, cover strips on certain wood joints and UV glass installation.



    Click here to learn more about interior accent woods and/or add to cart

    Click here to learn more about wood combinations and/or add to cart

    Inlay Options

    We've partnered with Aulson Inlay ( to create exquisite offerings for our customers. They provide beautiful inlay to PRS Guitars, C.F. Martin & Co., Taylor Guitars, and many other high end luthiers. Visit their website for some inspiration or allow them to create customized inlays.



    Click here to learn more about inlays and/or add to cart




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